Pioneers in biomarker innovation

The potential of biomarker digital pathology in cancer therapy is enormous, as is the effect it can have on patients’ lives, and we’re at the heart of driving it forwards. With a team of scientists and industry specialists dedicated to research and development, our product pipeline is an exciting prospect for the future of precision medicine in oncology.

Identifying risk of cancer before it strikes

A simple mouth swab could help identify whether individuals are at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Early lifestyle changes, such as exercise, healthy diet and committing to regular screenings, could make their future very different. ColoPredict will complement existing colorectal cancer screening programmes, offering a cost-effective addition to your lab. It’s also clinically validated in 47,000 individuals.

Beyond colorectal cancer

Our biomarker tests were developed to aid clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes in colorectal cancer. The technology, however, is appropriate for use in other areas of oncology and our development team are currently exploring how the proprietary expertise can benefit treatments in other cancers. Research is ongoing into use of biomarker technologies in breast cancer and prostate cancer, where 5FU/capecitabine are likely  to remain mainstays of chemotherapy regimens.