OCB present ToxNav on ESMO-GI 2018

ESMO World Congress on Gastrointestinal Cancer

Barcelona, Spain 20-23 Jun 2018
At ESMO-GI on 22nd June 2018 OCB was pleased to display the poster showing the clinical utility of ToxNav in predicting the most serious capecitabine-related toxicities. The data also showed the possible use of markers of HFS toxicity. The test will help clinicians and patients in the management of adverse events, contributing to patient safety and a reduction in the costs of treating capecitabine toxicity. A clinical utility study is underway to assess the real world impact of ToxNav in guiding patient treatment decisions.ToxNav comprises a panel of 21SNPs representing low-function/no-function DPYD alleles which have been validated in colorectal cancer. Please contact David Browning CEO on david.browning@Oxfordbio.com for general information and Susan Fotheringham, Technical Director susan.fotheringham@oxfordbio.com for technical information.

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