MBM and OCB announce the set-up of joint laboratories in Ningbo Meishan and Oxford at the 3rd China Medical Devices Int’l Summit on 26th August 2017

Oxford, UK, 1st September 2017 The announcement, at the 3rd China Medical Devices Int’l Summit, follows the signing in March 2017 of a memorandum of strategic collaboration between Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB) and Ningbo My-BioMed Biotechnology Co. Ltd (MBM). MBM and OCB announced as part of ‘the Belt and Road Medical Cooperation Initiative’ that both parties will establish joint laboratories in Ningbo Meishan and Oxford and participate together in several research and development programs in the upcoming years. Jackson Zhu, CEO of MBM and OCB’s Chinese representative, jointly inaugurated and unveiled a plaque marking this exciting moment. The ceremony heralds a significant advancement for collaborative clinical research between UK and China, specifically the initiatives covered by the strategic collaboration which enjoys a high level of support and expectation from clinical experts in both Oxford and China.

As part of the joint research program, both MBM and OCB have agreed to launch four (4) research and development projects including;

  • Clinical development and validation of advanced molecular technology to screen the Asian/Chinese population for hereditary colorectal cancer risk.
  • Clinical development and validation of advanced molecular technology to screen the Asian/Chinese population to identify those at risk of toxic side effects in response to fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy.
  • Clinical validation of ColoProg against a Chinese patient population. ColoProg is a prognostic colorectal cancer test that has been verified in European clinical trials
  • Clinical development of a prognostic prostate cancer test in Chinese patients.

Jackson Zhu, CEO of MBM commented, ‘This is another critical milestone we achieved this year, the joint laboratories will enable MBM to leverage Oxford’s expertise in both science and laboratory practice. OCB will also benefit from access to a large number of Chinese patients and clinical practices. The four joint programs above are just the beginning of our collaboration. Our commitment is to contribute to precision medicine through discovery of novel cancer biomarkers and exploitation of advanced technology, which will result in better informed treatment decisions and a healthier world. Moreover, joint efforts by both MBM and OCB aimed at accelerating commercialization, will provide robust positive feedback and functional synergies through which we will seek to achieve our goals in precision medicine.’

David Kerr, CMO of OCB added, ‘Our collaboration with MBM heralds a new chapter in OCB’s drive to make precision oncology diagnostics an accessible daily reality for millions of patients. The combined expertise with OCB and MBM will help to drive a revolution in precision oncology across China enabling the health and wealth of this great nation.’

Gareth Taylor, Consul for Science and Innovation, of the British Consulate-General Shanghai commented ‘The UK and China are key global scientific partners. The UK is already China’s second largest partner in terms of co-publications and the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund has seen both governments invest in win-win collaborative projects. Healthcare and life science is a crucial area of focus to tackle global health challenges, such as cancer, the largest cause of death in both the UK and China. This partnership, between OCB and MBM will support new developments in precision oncology, which will be crucial in ensuring patients in the future can receive the treatment and dosage that is right for them.’

MBM occupies a high value, strategic position within Ningbo Meishan FTZ, allowing it to connect China to the world via ‘the Belt and the Road’ initiative. Therefore, MBM is hoping that they could not only bridge innovative, clinically proven, precision medical projects from overseas directly to Chinese patients, but also take advantage of Meishan’s unique free trade zone position to provide leading precision medical services to the world. The joint laboratories agreement provides the best commitment to the market.

About Ningbo My-BioMed Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

In pursuit of its vision of “Bridging World Innovation in Precision Medicine”, My-BioMed (MBM) is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to clinicians and patients, and to building an integrated commercialization platform for innovation. Supported by Ningbo Meishan’s Healthcare industry development strategy, MBM, established in May 2016, has attracted a group of talented individuals with experience across a range of disciplines including; business development, market access, clinical development, registration, clinical lab services, sales and marketing. Located at Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port, My-BioMed Clinical Laboratory, MBM wholly owned subsidiary, will be certified and fully operational within this year.

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Oxford Cancer Biomarkers translates ground-breaking cancer research into predictive diagnostic products that allow medicines to be personalised for the benefit of the cancer patient. Oxford Cancer Biomarkers is a spin-out of the University of Oxford and has strong links with the Medical Sciences Division in Oxford University. The company was founded by Nick La Thangue, Ph.D., Chair of Cancer Biology at Oxford University and David Kerr, CBE, D.Sc., M.D. FMedSci, Professor of Cancer Medicine at Oxford University. Investors in OCB include Longwall Venture Partners LLP, Esperante BV and the University.

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