PRESS RELEASE: Kyoung Mee Lee joins our Board of Directors

Kyoung Mee Lee

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd is pleased to announce that Kyoung Mee Lee has joined our Board of Directors.


OXFORD, UK – April 29th, 2021 – Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd is pleased to announce that Kyoung Mee Lee has joined our Board of Directors. Kyoung Mee Lee holds a doctorate in Immuno-Pathology and has worked for 20 years in the biotech/pharmaceutical area.  Before joining Kwangdong Pharma (KDP) in 2006, she worked in the monoclonal antibody therapeutics field. Whilst at KDP she has worked in New Drug Development and external R&D.  Currently she is the Leader of the New Business Team focussing on open innovation to expand business opportunities.  Previously she led the development of an anti-obesity drug candidate. Her Ph.D. was obtained at Chung-Buk National University in Korea where she studied microbiology and immuno-pathology.


A very warm welcome from all the team Oxford Cancer Biomarkers.





About Oxford Cancer Biomarkers

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers started as a spin off from the University of Oxford.  The aim of the company was to discover and develop biomarkers using screening platforms to advance personalised medicine within oncology, specifically colorectal cancer.

Since then, the company has built a world class development team consisting of industry professionals, leading scientists and oncologists whilst maintaining strong links to the University of Oxford.  Together, we have launched our first product – ToxNav ® – and are positioned to launch OncoProg ® into the UK this year (2021). Our mission is to be the leading pioneer in biomarker and artificial intelligence technology in healthcare allowing us to place individual patients at the heart of cancer care.


About KwangDong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

KwangDong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Kwang Dong”), based in Seoul, Korea, is a leading Korean company focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceuticals and healthy food products.






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Calum Johnstone – Business Development Manager and Marketing Lead


Investor Enquiries

Hao Zhang – Chief Executive Officer

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