Dr Kevin Xu, Chief Software Engineer, speaks at Chongqing and Henan Universities, China.


Last Friday (May 24th) Dr Xu, our Chief Software Engineer, gave an academic report on “Diagnosis, Prognosis and Predicting Biomarkers of Cancers” at both the University of Chongqing and the Henan University of Science and Technology, which all the teachers and majority of students of the biomedical engineering and medical laboratory majors attended. All present had the privilege to hear him speak on the advances of cancer detection and prognosis in the latest discoveries in the field of biomarkers, involving the application of machine learning.

Kevin has been instrumental with Dr Guy Mozolowski in working with Meridian IT (www.meridianit.co.uk) to apply machine learning using PowerVision AI deployed on IBM’s Power systems to improve accuracy and speed of OCB’s Stage II digital pathology cancer prognostic test; ColoProg.



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