The use of the ToxNav® test and its report requires a high-level of specialist understanding, skill, and judgement relating to the guidelines and the treatment and care of patients with cancer.

The ToxNav® test is solely a guide that may assist decision making by hospitals and authorised clinicians. Neither the ToxNav® test nor any report is intended to provide a hospital or any authorised clinician with an automated treatment strategy for any patient, nor can they be used as a substitute for the understanding, skill and judgement of a skilled and experienced doctor engaged by the hospital and specialised in the treatment and care of patients with cancer.

The ToxNav® test is an aid to diagnosis and is not diagnostic for any condition, and does not guarantee that any patient will or will not suffer from or be free from any consequences of disease or any side effects caused by treatment; Oxford Cancer Biomarkers does not give any warranty or representation that any conclusion or other statement set out in any report is suitable or appropriate for any patient and does not recommend any treatment strategy for any patient.

Hospitals and their authorised clinicians shall be exclusively responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and care of all patients, and for deciding whether or not to apply the guidelines and any conclusions or other statements stated in any report to any given patient.

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken (or not taken) as a result of the use of any ToxNav® test and/or report.