Partnership with
Ningbo My-BioMed Biotechnology Co. Ltd (MBM)

MBM and OCB have been working together since 2016, a partnership whcih culminated in the launch of OncoProg to the Chinese market on March 7th 2018. This signifies the beginning of a new era of precision oncology diagnostics across China, with OncoProg being the first of a suite of diagnostic pathology technologies being brought to the market.

Based in Shanghai and with clinical labs in Ningbo, China, MBM focus on bridging world innovation in precision medicine.  MBM leverages a strong team with backgrounds in pharma and entrepreneurship.

The launch of OncoProg in China has come as a result of the opening of the new MBM / OCB joint collaborative labs in Ningbo Meishan and Oxford. OncoProg was launched to an audience of 180 key opinion leaders and target customers through a simultaneous six-centre video conference in March 2018 and already developing commercial traction.  MBM have a direct sales team covering the majority of Greater China and the MBM-OCB joint clinical labs provide validation and service testing for OncoProg, with the capability to add additional OCB products and services to the portfolio.

This partnership marked a milestone in the collective goal of bringing precision oncology diagnostic technology to the population of China and the world.

Partnership with Room 4 Ltd

Room4 develops imaging applications for pathology with a focus on disruptive, proprietary platforms which promise to significantly improve standards of care in cancer. OCB has collaborated with Room4 since 2015 to accredit and commercialise OncoProg; a prognostic test that supports the identification of patients requiring chemotherapy after colorectal cancer surgery. Room4 has a collaboration agreement with the Radiumhospitalets Forskningsstiftelse, the research foundation of the Norwegian Radium hospital.

Partnership with Source BioSciences

Based in Nottingham, UK, Source BioSciences is a trusted, international provider of state-of-theart, integrated laboratory services including a key focus on clinical diagnostics and genomics. OCB will leverage Source BioSciences’ MHRA and FDA registered contract testing laboratory, which incorporates expertise in conventional and next-generation sequencing, to access the genome sequencing work which will be translated by OCB’s proprietary algorithms to report ToxNav results to our customers. SBS and OCB have been in partnership since March 2016.

Be part of our future

We’re committed to improving the treatment landscape for cancer patients by continuing to push towards personalised medicine and individual care plans. Our technologies can not only help patients, but also reduce costs and save time for health services across the world.

If you would like to be part of this future, whether through investment or partnerships, we’d love to hear from you.